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Badminton In Mumbai
Badminton and Maharashtra have a unique relationship, carved in the proverbial stone of history. The Chinese may have taken over the sport in the last few decades with a supply line of champions, but the birth of shuttle badminton will always be credited to Pune, where the sport was played for the first time ever in the military camp area, 170 km from Mumbai.

The sport has grown manifold since then but the emotional attachment of Maharashtra and Mumbai with badminton has continued. While it remains the most popular family sport till date, badminton has also mesmerised the likes of cricket legend Sunil Gavaskar, actor Aamir Khan and plethora of corporate executives and celebrities who continue to patronise the sport in the various gymkhanas and clubs across Mumbai.

Considered to be a “complete sport” since every muscle in the body is involved while playing, not many racquet sports can match badminton in the elegance and precision a player can generate.

In the last century, India has produced champions like Prakash Padukone, Nandu Natekar, Pullela Gopi Chand and Ami Ghia. But badminton suffered due to the administrator’s inability to market the sport. The story is no different in Maharashtra, including Mumbai.

Despite the likes of Aparna Popat, nine time national champion, Leroy D’sa and Pradeep Gande, 1982 Asian Games bronze medallists, hailing from the city, Mumbai has failed to create a sound base for national and international level players.

It is not because the city kids lack the talent or the hunger to perform or win. But for this young talent to excel, they need to be coached using modern techniques and their talent needs to be nurtured in a way that the potential is translated into performance.

At every step, they need the guidance of a coach and a mentor – which a specialised badminton academy can provide.

The dearth of such academies in Mumbai have forced talented players to migrate from the city to Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka for better future.

With an aim to stem this migration, we established the Padukone Shuttlers’ Academy (PSA) in 19... It is the only badminton academy located in Central Mumbai and will enable players to receive excellent coaching without being uprooted from their family.