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Coaching camps and state and national level tournaments are essential for providing upcoming talent to test their skills and also watch and learn from the established stars.

Keeping this in mind, PSA has successfully organized prestigious tournaments such as the Senior Maharashtra badminton State Selection Tournament 2008 and PSA – All Mumbai Badminton Championship 2010 besides conducting various coaching camps in various clubs in Mumbai.

Now, PSA is entering a bigger league and wants to conduct/organize a series of events in badminton, including invitational prize money tournaments.


Fitness experts believe that badminton is this “THE” sport for keeping the mind and body at its best in today’s world. The doubles events in badminton have also proved to be the ideal team building exercise any corporate institution can look to.

As an effort to provide that platform, PSA also plans to hold corporate tournaments, coaching camps and even internal sports events to promote sports culture among the corporate world.

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